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Call 630-467-9100 for service

Diversity - All The Right Tools

Equipment.00 00 02 07.Still001Over 90 Swiss-type machines in a clean, modern, atmospherically controlled environment, provides the right capabilities for your most demanding applicationsRoberts Swiss has an array of over 90 Swiss-Type machines. If it’s a Swiss type application Roberts Swiss has the RIGHT TOOLS.

    • Part diameters from 0.010" to 1.5"
    • Part lengths from 0.030" to 24"
    • Spindle speeds to 8,000 RPM
    • High-speed live tooling to 80,000 RPM
    • Bar feeds to 12' long, 1.5" diameter capacity
    • Coil feeds with straighteners
    • B-axis radial-motion capability live tooling

 K6A9443 roberts 567 2Our Escomatic CNC's produce micro-machined parts from
coiled stock at a blistering pace
Keeping our Swiss Technologies updated in an ever evolving manufacturing industry. Since our inception Roberts has concentrated on Swiss. This has allowed Roberts to evolve and equip itself with the most diverse group equipment within the scope of Swiss Type Machining. That’s why we are ALL SWISS...ALL THE TIME!

Our legacy equipment provides us with a competitive advantage, while never compromising our commitment to Excellence in Swiss type machining. This allows Roberts Swiss to compete on a global stage and provide our customers with parts that meet the most strict quality requirements. Our Escomatics can run micro parts that are as small as twice the diameter of your hair! Our Swiss Cam Automatics can run turned parts to .500” diameter.

Our State of the Art CNC Swiss equipment gives us the ability to manufacture component parts up 1.500” in diameter. The newer multi-axis machines open up a world of machining technologies which allows Roberts Swiss to continuously improve our manufacturing processes. Roberts Swiss can develop solutions for the most complex products. Helping customers eliminate additional processes while improving upon the quality and yield of the components they require.

If you require a machined part that is as accurate and precise as the worlds best Swiss Time Pieces. Then Roberts Swiss will provide the solution...because we are ALL SWISS...ALL THE TIME!

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Size Matters

Since our start in 1953, Roberts Swiss has always been the experts at tiny parts. Originally known as Roberts Pivots & Needles, Inc., we started out making high-end phonograph needles. Customers have continually asked for smaller, more accurate parts, a logical request of a company whose logo is the atom.

From the beginning, the atom was our logo, signifying the small and precise nature of the components we make. Are you challenged by small, close-tolerance parts? You've come to the right place - Roberts Swiss.

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