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Innovative Solutions

IMG 3171 Roberts 53 no text 2Roberts Swiss can provide unexpected solutions for
making parts that don't look like they're turned.
Roberts Swiss goes beyond the ordinary Swiss-type machining. We help solve problems by thinking out of the box and using all the latest capabilities that modern Swiss-type turning has to offer.

The latest in Swiss-type lathes have innumerable options for sub-spindles, live tooling and many axes of machine motion. Couple those incredible capabilities with the best engineering, programming, and operators and the result is an extraordinary team of Swiss-machining professionals. Roberts Swiss has the technology, tools, and talent to exceed your expectations.

Creative thinking has solved challenges others just couldn't resolve.

Machined vs. Molded Parts

For high-volume parts, metal injection molding or MIM might seem attractive, yet we have replaced MIM parts with higher accuracy parts at competitive pricing, without the startup costs and delays of expensive MIM Tooling.

IMG 1277 roberts 030 EditThis fully-machined part replaced a stamped weldment, providing a stronger, more accurate, burr-free part for less money.

Machined vs. Stamped Parts

Our high-precision machined parts have even replaced stamped and welded parts, providing better looking, more accurate, burr-free parts without secondary operations, all at a lower cost.

Secondary Operations

There are cases where secondary operations are needed, yet when we can eliminate them, the product benefits in higher precision and lower cost. We have a secondary operations department for those cases where the part design or volume requires secondaries, yet we are equipped with the optimal machinery, tooling, and creative thinking to help optimize the manufacturing process to provide you a competitive advantage.

Exotic Materials

Today's engineers have an incredible assortment of materials from which to choose. Plastics are replacing metals in many cases. Soft or hard, filled or self-lubricating, we have experience over a vast range of sophisticated plastics. At the other end of the spectrum, exotic metals combine light weight with amazing strength and hardness. Stainless alloys for medical applications, Nitinol, titanium, nickel, and memory effect alloys used in aerospace and medical applications are among the countless examples of materials we work with. 

No matter your parts manufacturing challenge, in plastics or metals, come visit Roberts Swiss for a solution you can rely on.

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Size Matters

Since our start in 1953, Roberts Swiss has always been the experts at tiny parts. Originally known as Roberts Pivots & Needles, Inc., we started out making high-end phonograph needles. Customers have continually asked for smaller, more accurate parts, a logical request of a company whose logo is the atom.

From the beginning, the atom was our logo, signifying the small and precise nature of the components we make. Are you challenged by small, close-tolerance parts? You've come to the right place - Roberts Swiss.

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