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Call 630-467-9100 for service

Quality Assurance

 K6A9151 roberts 275The OGP Smartscope provides fast, programmable inspections of complex part cross-sections accurate to one micronRoberts Swiss Inc. maintains a quality management system based on the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001:2015 Standard. It is a fully audited and registered system with an ANSI/ANAB Accredited Registrar.

All company processes and procedures are documented in our published quality manuals. Gages are owned, controlled, and calibrated by Roberts Swiss Inc.

SPC Capabilities

As our manufacturing is highly technological our quality assurance department is also using advance technologies. Statistical process controls (SPC) data is processed via the latest networked version of Datalyzer Spectrum SPC software.  K6A9022 roberts 146The Oasis system simultaneously measures
numerous geometric characteristics
Assessments and analytical studies are available using Minitab Statistical software. Vision system analysis is available via QC-Calc. The availability of these technologies provide Roberts Swiss the capability to Inspect, Study, and Analyze data to develop our Quality Assessments, PPAPs, or SPAPs. We supply Process Control Charts, Process Capability Histograms, Gage R&R Studies, Process FMEA’s.

Measurement Capabilities

Our measurement capabilities range from the smallest component dimensions in thousandths and to part dimensions in inches. We have a vast amount of measurement equipment from handheld gages to optical comparators. We use Keyence and Oasis inspection and OGP Vision system with CMM contact capabilities.

Quality Integration

Quality is integrated with Manufacturing and Engineering to develop inspection processes that will be consistent with the high demands of clients while at the same time facilitating the manufacturing process. 3D models will flow between departments to help Design, Manufacture, and Test components in the most efficient manner as possible.

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Size Matters

Since our start in 1953, Roberts Swiss has always been the experts at tiny parts. Originally known as Roberts Pivots & Needles, Inc., we started out making high-end phonograph needles. Customers have continually asked for smaller, more accurate parts, a logical request of a company whose logo is the atom.

From the beginning, the atom was our logo, signifying the small and precise nature of the components we make. Are you challenged by small, close-tolerance parts? You've come to the right place - Roberts Swiss.

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 K6A9070 roberts 194Roberts Swiss strives for perfection in everything that we do -
the right people and the right tools.