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Roberts Swiss Legacy

ACB 2013 2Roberts Swiss President John Makris Sr. (L) with Materials Manager John Makris Jr and VP/GM Fernando Ortiz Jr (R)Roberts Swiss Inc. is family owned business that was founded in 1953 in the city of Chicago by two WWII Veterans. The business started producing its own product line called VelveTone, a series of phonograph needles. Roberts purchased some Swiss Type Escomatic machines to manufacture the shafts for the phonograph needles. The phonograph needle business was sold and Roberts continued to manufacture component parts on the Swiss type screw machines. Roberts Swiss continued to grow and purchased more Escomatic machines and then Tornos & Strohm Swiss type cam automatic machines.

Roberts became a well-known local manufacturer of Swiss turned parts. They continued to evolve and purchased Swiss type CNC’s. Their customer base grew and expanded nationally. They developed a great working knowledge of Swiss machining and supporting processes. They started working for the medical device industry and developed a machining strength in component parts for the minimally invasive surgical device sector of the medical device industry. While developing strong relationships in medical device they continued to grow in other industries continuing a formula of diversity that keeps them strong global supplier it is today.

RobertsSwissBuildingsRoberts Swiss facilities cover over 55,000 square feet
in Itasca, Illinois
Roberts Swiss has two facilities totaling 55,000 Sq. Ft. in Itasca IL. Just under 60 employees and a rich diversity in equipment from the Escomatic to the Cam Automatics which make-up their Swiss Cam Operations to the Robust line-up of Swiss Type CNC’s which are made up of 10, 12, 16, 20, 32, and 38mm machines with capabilities of 4 to 12 axis machining with live tooling which makes up their Swiss CNC Operations. Roberts Swiss currently machines component parts for Medical Device, Dental Instrument, Aerospace, Hydraulics, Commercial, Industrial Application, Electronics, and a diverse group of customers in the machined parts industry. Their scope covers Swiss machining applications from .010" diameter to 1.500" in diameter, from simple to high complexity, from low to high volume production. The ability to machine materials from Stainless, Steel, Aluminums, Plastic, Brass, Bronze, Coppers, and Alloys allows for continued success.

Roberts Swiss is...

Roberts Swiss Inc. has been in the business of manufacturing precision Swiss parts since 1953. In that time, the formula of competitive prices, parts per print and timely deliveries has served Roberts Swiss and our customers well.

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Legacy of Excellence


"VelveTone" needles, made by Roberts Swiss in the early 1950's, were a popular product that helped build a reputation for quality in our early years.