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Medical Parts are Redefining Swiss-Type Machining

PM FEB 2013 cover smRoberts Swiss' capabilities were featured on the
cover of Production Machining, February 2013
"Medical Parts are Changing Swiss Applications"

Machining for medical devices is changing
what constitutes a Swiss-type part.

Article From: February 2013 Production Machining, by Todd Schuett , Creative Technology Corp, Contributing Writer.

 Swiss-type machining is evolving well beyond what its original developers could ever have imagined, and no end is in sight. Continuous innovation adds more machining stations or tool posts and more axes of motion.

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More powerful controls on CNC machines enable simultaneous machining by various tools on each part and eliminates servo lag, which helps reduce cycle time and improve throughput. Moreover, synchronized subspindles allow machining on the back end of parts, leaving no surface inaccessible.
Swiss-type machines were developed for making high precision, long, slender parts essential to the renowned Swiss watch and clock industry. Swiss-type’s distinct advantage is its unique support of the workpiece—a guide bushing. Material is held in the main spindle and advanced through the guide bushing, only exposing the portion being machined from the bushing.

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Swiss Shop Serves Medical And More

pmlogoFor more than 20 years this Chicagoland shop has been a supplier to one of the world’s largest manufacturers of medical devices. It’s a relationship that is built on mutual trust, consistent performance and a long-term view of the business of manufacturing. It’s also about properly applied technology.

Article From: January 2008 Production Machining, Chris Koepfer, Editor-in-Chief

Ethicon001When a machine shop’s first significant contract was making phonograph needles, the business has been around a while. Started by Calvert Erickson and Robert Armitage, Roberts Swiss (Itasca, Illinois) has focused on producing Swiss-type parts for more than 55 years and is still going strong. In that time, the business has dealt with a lot of change.

Phonograph needles have given way to a diverse customer base in general manufacturing and specifically medical, automotive, electronic, plumbing, aerospace and sports equipment industries. Through the years, the parts may change but the skill sets for machining complex, long, slender parts remain constant and in demand. Roberts is a 48-person family business that never took its eye off its niche of Swiss-type manufacturing yet has continuously focused on adaptation to its customer’s needs.

I came knocking on Roberts’ door on a referral from one of its important and long-time customers, Ethicon Endo-Surgery (EES). My goal was to write a follow up on an article we published about EES in our April 2006 issue (see the Learn More box for a Web link to this article).

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TMA Elects Fernando Ortiz, Jr. Board Chairman for 2015

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Scott McPherson, March 12, 2015

OrtizChairmanNew TMA Chairman Fernando Ortiz gives his acceptance remarks. photo by Fiona McLaren-McLaren Photographic(Schaumburg)- The Technology & Manufacturing Association of Illinois (TMA) today announced the election of Fernando Ortiz, Jr. as Chairman of the Board for 2015 at TMA's 89th Annual Meeting held Saturday at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois. Mr. Ortiz is Vice President and General Manager of Roberts Swiss Inc., a company headquartered in Itasca specializing in precision Swiss Machined Parts for the medical, dental, hydraulics, aerospace, military and other industries.

Currently in this twenty-third year at Roberts Swiss, Mr. Ortiz worked his way up from the shop floor to the executive offices. "I want to thank TMA for the programs, services and training that helped me get to where I am today," Ortiz stated. " I am humbled by the trust given to me by my peers to chair this great organization," he added.

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