Our Services Overview

Roberts Swiss Inc. has manufactured precision Swiss parts for more than 60 years. We have the tools and expertise to tackle the most challenging projects. Not only do we engineer and produce components to ultra-precise specifications, but we also devise innovative solutions and keep our customers’ inventory flow running smoothly.

Engineering and Design

TS7 0303 RobertsA part is only as good as its original design. Using the latest in design technology, the highly skilled engineers at Roberts Swiss work together with our customers’ engineering teams to create accurate 3D models for even the smallest of parts.

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Machine with OperatorSince 1953 Roberts Swiss has set the standard in the production of ultra-precision Swiss-turned parts. Today, we produce more than 60 million pieces per year! Our equipment is the most diverse Swiss-type machining you’ll find anywhere.

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Process Development

Machine with OperatorDo you have a challenging project that requires an innovative solution? Let our team of Swiss-machining professionals exceed your expectations! Over the years, we’ve resolved challenges that other companies can’t touch.

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Quality and Inspection

Machine with OperatorAt Roberts Swiss, we’re serious about quality. Our quality management system is based on the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001:2015, and fully audited and registered with an ANSI/ANAB accredited registrar. Our Quality Assurance Department uses the most advanced analysis and inspection technologies to ensure perfect parts every time.

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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Transparent BackgroundAs a part of our customers’ supply chain, we’re committed to keeping an uninterrupted flow of components into the customer inventory and production lines. So we offer a full array of supply chain management services, such as contract-managed inventory, blanket-order inventory management, and purchase order management.

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