Engineering and Design

Robert Swiss EngineeringAt Roberts Swiss, we take pride in the relationships we’ve developed with our customers’ engineering teams. We work with them from concept through production. By consulting with us early in the process, our customers can avoid the risk of costly rework down the line.

However, the production of finalized components is NOT the end of our work with your engineers. During manufacturing processes, as we learn the nuances of the particular component, we’ll keep you updated and apprised of any potential problems and solutions, as well as mitigating costs.

Our Engineering Technology

Engineering and technology go hand in hand. Our design engineers utilize the most current versions of Solidworks and PartMaker software to create 3D models of all components that we manufacture. This allows us to produce robust 2D layouts for manufacturing. 3D modeling also allows Roberts and its clients to review component features to ensure accuracy and clearly defined dimensions.

Design for Manufacturability

CAD/CAM Computer Screen ImageState-of-the-art software is only a part of the solution to creating ultra-precise parts. Our experienced designers and machine specialists work together to turn concepts into exceptional components.

Our engineers collaborate with the equipment operators during the development of models and the production drawings. The result is clearly defined drawings that yield practical production outputs.

Using Autodesk PartMaker SwissCAM, we can develop complex CNC programs and layout options before setting up a job. So we can run simulations to prove out set-ups and programs before a tool is ever touched.


At Roberts Swiss, our Quality Assurance team is heavily involved in all aspects of the design process. The 3D models created by our engineers help the Quality team to better understand the part design and the intent of the customer. These models can even be imported into Quality’s test equipment (OGP FLASH 200 3D Vision System) to facilitate their programming.

Our overall engineering goal is to produce a part design that not only meets the specification for function and quality but can be manufactured in the required volumes at the specified price point. At Roberts Swiss, we go the extra mile to deliver the specific functionality and superior quality you’d expect from a company with our reputation for excellence.