Process Development

Innovative Solutions

Machine OperatorDo you have a challenging project that requires a creative solution? Let our team of Swiss-machining professionals exceed your expectations! Over the years, we’ve resolved challenges that other companies can’t touch.

Our Swiss-type lathes offer innumerable options for sub-spindles, live tooling, and multi-axis operation. When these capabilities are coupled with the best engineers, programmers, and operators, the result is an extraordinary team of Swiss-machining professionals who can tackle your toughest problems. Robert Swiss Plastic Part

Machined vs. Molded or Stamped Parts

For high-volume parts, metal injection molding (MIM) might seem attractive, but the startup costs and delays pf MIM tooling can be expensive. At Roberts Swiss, we’ve replaced MIM parts with higher-accuracy machined parts at competitive pricing. 

Our high-precision machined parts have even replaced stamped and welded parts, providing stronger, better looking, more accurate, burr-free parts without secondary operations -- at a lower cost.

Secondary Operations

Whenever possible, we work to eliminate the need for secondary operations. However, there are situations where secondary operations are necessary. At Roberts Swiss, we have a Secondary Operations Department designed specifically for those instances when the part design or volume requires them. 

We’re equipped with the machinery, tooling, and creative thinking to help optimize the manufacturing process and provide you a competitive advantage.

Robotics help automate secondary operations at Roberts SwissRobotics help automate secondary operations at Roberts Swiss2 Robert Swiss Machined parts 3

Exotic Materials

Today's engineers have an incredible assortment of materials from which to choose. 

For instance, plastics are replacing metals in many cases. Soft or hard, filled or self-lubricating, we have experience in a vast range of sophisticated plastics.

At the other end of the spectrum, exotic metals combine lightweight with amazing strength and hardness. Stainless alloys for medical applications, Nitinol, titanium, nickel, and shape-memory alloys used in both aerospace and medical applications are among the countless examples of materials we work with. 

Regardless of your market or industry segment, Roberts Swiss has the depth and diversity, the experience and skills to provide innovative solutions to your most demanding challenges.