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leaf Sustainability

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leaf People:

Robert Swiss Inc. will treat its employees with dignity and without discrimination. We will strive to create a nurturing work environment. Employees will learn to develop their unique talents. Compensation will be commensurate and fair. Employee input is valued, and we will encourage constructive dialogue. We are committed to providing a safe work environment. We will adhere to all applicable safety regulations and practices associated with our industry. We will promote a healthy work-life balance. We will respect and protect employee privacy.

We will conduct business ethically and legally. We will manufacture quality products that comply with our customers’ agreed-upon requirements. We will maintain our commitment to social and environmental responsibilities. We will protect the privacy of our business partners, investors, and owners.

leaf Planet:

Planet Earth Roberts Swiss Inc. will promote energy and natural resource efficiency. We will train our employees to be environmentally responsible in the workplace and beyond. We will adhere to all environmental regulations. We will periodically conduct audits to measure our employee and facility environmental performance. We will take corrective action when necessary. We will encourage our business partners to adopt and maintain environmentally friendly policies. We will promote sound environmental practices within our community.

leaf Prosperity:

Roberts Swiss Inc. will adhere to ethical and legal business practices. We will foster the economic success of our company, our employees, our community, our suppliers, and our shareholders.