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For the past 60 years, Roberts Swiss has set the standard in the production of ultra-precision Swiss-turned parts. Today, we produce more than 60 million parts per year! Our equipment is the most diverse Swiss-type machining you’ll find anywhere. 

Keeping our Swiss technologies updated in an ever-evolving manufacturing industry is no small task. However, it’s a challenge that we’ve met head-on since our inception in 1953.

Our legacy equipment provides us with a competitive advantage, while never compromising our commitment to excellence in Swiss-type machining. Today we compete on a global stage, delivering parts that meet the strictest quality requirements. 

However, our technology tells only half the story. Advanced equipment is no substitute for the required training, knowledge, and experience needed to produce ultra-precision, extremely small Swiss parts. Today’s modern technology requires a higher skill set than the machines of yesteryear.

All of our machine operators have years of experience in manufacturing some of the most challenging components ever imagined or produced. 

It’s a Small World 

For the past five decades, manufactured parts have become increasingly miniaturized. The trend toward ever-smaller mechanical, optical, and electronic products and devices means miniature parts are in higher demand than ever. Some of today’s smallest electronic components are measured in nanometers (one billionth of a meter).

In addition to smaller electronics, demand in the medical field for minimally-invasive surgical tools and robotics -- such as spinal implants, dental implants, laser and ultrasound parts – continues to grow. The automotive and aerospace industries are also clamoring for smaller mechanical components (such as those used for “micromotors”), fueled by their need to reduce vehicle weight. Furthermore, the quest for miniaturized products has designers seeking ultra-small, high-precision components that can be made quickly and inexpensively.

Swiss-type turning machines are ideal for the production of these ultra-small parts. Unlike conventional machining, in which the entire piece is exposed while being turned, Swiss turning feeds the material through the collet variably, allowing tools to machine the part immediately adjacent to the collet. This reduces deflection and significantly improves dimensional tolerance.

Additionally Swiss machines can produce long runs of these small, complex parts faster and more economically than on traditional lathes. Cost-effective multi-axis machines allow precision machining of complex CNC parts in a single operation.

How Small Can We Get?

Small Swiss Machined PartsHow small does your precision part need to be? Our Escomatic machining system can run micro parts that are twice the diameter of a single hair! Our Swiss cam automatics can run turned parts to 0.010” diameter.

At Roberts Swiss, our state-of-the-art CNC Swiss equipment allows us to manufacture component parts as small as 0.010" in diameter with tolerances within 0.00015”.  With these newer multi-axis machines we’re able to improve our manufacturing processes continuously.

Roberts Swiss can develop solutions for the most complex products. We help our customers eliminate additional processes while improving the quality and yield of the components they require.

If you need a machined part that’s as accurate and precise as the world’s best Swiss timepieces, then you need Roberts Swiss.

Because we are ALL SWISS...ALL THE TIME!

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