About Us
About Us Overview

At Roberts Swiss Inc., we’ve manufactured precision Swiss parts for more than 60 years. As a family-owned business, we’ve not only survived, but thrived -- because we excel at what we do. And what we do is manufacture the highest-quality precision Swiss parts in a reliable and timely manner.

Our History

Robert Swiss FacitliesRoberts Swiss Inc. was founded in 1953 in the city of Chicago by two WWII veterans. Originally known as Roberts Pivots & Needles Inc., the company began making high-end phonograph needles, using some Swiss-type Escomatic machines to manufacture the shafts.

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Our Equipment and Technology

Gun DrillRoberts Swiss operates two facilities, totaling 55,000 square feet, both of which are located in Itasca, Illinois. 

We utilize Swiss machining applications from .010" diameter to 1.500" in diameter, from simple to highly complex, from low- to high-volume production. At Roberts Swiss, we have the capability to machine parts from stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, brass, bronze, coppers, and various alloys.

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Video Tour

Robert Swiss VideoOver our 60+ years of experience, we’ve grown from making thousands of parts to producing 60 million parts per year. And we use virtually any and all materials – even exotic ones! Take a virtual tour of our facilities and see our professionals in action!

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Photo Gallery

Robert Swiss Machined partsA picture is worth a thousand words, and our pictures demonstrate our strict attention to detail in all we do. The most current engineering and manufacturing technology in the hands of our certified professionals produce the highest quality of Swiss turned parts!

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